Having a break in a hotel with your child/ren?

Make the most of your hotel stay, enjoy some relaxation, enjoy the spa, a long quite meal,  leave your child in Butterfly Nannies care.

Butterfly Nannies are working in partnership with the UK’s leading hotel groups to make sure parents don’t take risks that involve the lives of their children…

* Butterfly Nannies provide – Police checked (dbs) cleared babysitters only.

* All Nannies and Babysitter Uniformed.

Hotel babysitting Rates:

A £15 booking fee is payable to Butterfly Nannies for each booking with a minimum charge of 4 hours.
* Please note, A booking fee will be required to secure each booking for any guest not charging the cost to their room at the time of booking.

Monday to Friday Nannies

8am – 7pm £13.50 per hour
7pm – finish £15.00 per hour

Saturday and Sunday

8am – 7pm £15.50 per hour
7pm – finish £16.50 per hour

Monday to Friday Babysitters

8am – 7pm £10.50 per hour

7pm – finish  £11.50 per hour

Saturday and Sunday

8am – 7pm    £12.00 per hour

7pm – finish £13.50 per hour

* Please note, hotel Babysitters will need to be paid in cash at the end of the booking. Hotel babysitting Cancellations and Alterations to Bookings A full 24 hours notice is required (48 hours for Bank and Public Holidays). Failure to do so will result in the minimum 4-hour charge penalty plus the £15 booking fee. Our full terms of business can be found here

Why your hotel should choose Butterfly Nannies to provide  your guests with professional hotel babysitter needs. If your hotel would like to follow in the footsteps of  leading hotels in the country, and start enjoying the benefits of using Butterfly Nannies then you are now in a prime position to do so. Butterfly Nannies partnerships with major hotel groups all over the country, as well as many local independent hotels.

Reason 1: Health and Safety

Babysitting at hotels is currently unregulated. In order to combat this Butterfly Nannies are working closely with key partners to apply stringent standards including health and safety and risk assessments to this extremely important area of childcare. In the past unreliable listening services and under qualified staff have been operational, however Butterfly Nannies have replaced these methods with professional qualified carers.

Reason 2: Childcare professionals

All of our staff are experienced or professionally trained in childcare to give peace of mind to the parent and quality care to the child.

Reason 3: U.K’s leading hotels in partnership with Butterfly Nannies

U.K’s leading hotels in partnership with Butterfly Nannies are adding value to their service by using Butterfly Nannies as their preferred hotel babysitting service.

Reason 4: Maximum attendances at weddings, conferences, and exhibitions

Being able to offer the facility of a world class childcare organisation to your guests is of paramount importance in this day and age. In our experience working with hotels offering this service significantly increases the attendance figures at events such as weddings, conferences, and exhibitions.

Reason 5: Strictly regulated

All babysitters must have a Disclosure & Barring Service check (DBS) enhanced clearance or an OFSTED registration certificate.  This gives the parent the security that their child is being cared for by an officially regulated babysitter. In addition to this it is Butterfly Nannies policy that every nanny and babysitter references are screened, checked and verified by our dedicated human resources department including face to face interviews. Again these checks give further peace of mind to the parent and most importantly help assure the safety of your child. Babysitting services are not regulated by any governing body, but Butterfly Nannies consider it to be of paramount importance that every carer chosen by them has met their own stringent standards..

Reason 6: Must have relevant experience

All carers who work under Butterfly Nannies must be over 21 and have relevant experience and maturity to be able to care for a child in the way that Butterfly Nannies and the parent expects.

Reason 7: Flexibility for the parent

Parents are given the choice as to whether they book on an ad-hoc basis or subscribe to a membership. If you choose to become a member you are instantly able to benefit from a preferential pricing system. This system would be beneficial to parents with busy work schedules or social lives. Also, we will assign you with a primary carer and a backup of other carers in the event that your preferred carer is not available.

We require this service, What Do we Do Next?

Of course we understand that any aspect of childcare is an extremely sensitive issue with both the hotel and your guests , and we appreciate that you may be nervous on behalf of your customer (the parent).That’s why we recommend that in the first instance you phone us and speak to us personally, that way you can ask us all the questions that are on your mind.

Call us now on 0203 177 3015 and we’ll help put your mind at ease.

Butterfly Nannies childcare organisation is working in partnership with the UK’s leading hotel groups to make sure parents don’t take risks that involve the lives of their children.